Guardian Angel Program

Did a doctor, nurse, volunteer or staff member make a difference in your care or the care of a loved one at Western Health? Say thank you by making a donation to the WRH Foundation in their honour through the Guardian Angel Program.

Your Guardian Angel will receive a letter of recognition and a beautiful angel pin he or she can wear with pride. All Guardian Angels will be recognized annually on the Foundation's Website.

Our Guardian Angels are as follows:

~ Kelly Park
Mary Dennis Gallant (2)
Dr. Kate Lafferty
Dr. Nadean Caines (2)
Tonya Penney
Rina Decker
~ Janice King
~ Darlene Young
~ Ashley Welsh
~ Charlene Lovell
~ Janice Park
~ Lana Payne
~ Beulah Wiseman (3)
~ Michelle King
~ Sheila Dawe
~ Michelle Wiseman
~ Tammy Baldwin
~ Rhonda Watkins (2)
~ Julia Murphy
~ Miranda Church
~ Stephanie Peddle
~ Janice Fillatre
~ Norma Frampton
~ Erica Young
~ Joan Penney
~ Danielle Clatney-King
~ Donna Wheeler
~ Tracey Gardner
~ Sherri-Lynn Park
~ Lisa Hann
~ Christine McKinnon
~ Rhonda Young
~ Nancy Rogers
~ Cory Lockyer
~ Tom Whitten (3)
~ Garrett Brake
~ Dr. Phil Morris
~ Nicole Lafosse
~ Leslie Keats
~ Cecilia Park
~ Michelle King
~ Sue-Ann Collett
~ Dr. Justin French
~ Dr. Dave Coleman
~ Jennifer Brenton
~ Shelley Collins
~ Ernest Green
~ Dr. Atef Grada
~ Madonna O'Brien
~ Ashley Ball (2)
~ Dr. James Bowen
~ Janice Northcott Hardy
~ Rory Tatchell
~ Deanne McCarthy
~ Jessica Parsons
~ Dr. Karen Phillips
~ Sonya Moores
~ Melissa Beales
~ Shelley Taylor
~ Lucia Beverly
~ Debbie Sears
~ Tara Higgins
~ Andrea Burke
~ Vicki Caines
~ Dr. Mahrugh (2)
~ Kaye Richards
~ Cynthia Hillier
~ Lisa Corbett
~ Barbara Gushue
~ Juanita Brewer
~ Dr. Simon Ash
~ Dr. Julia O'Connor
~ Dr. Milton Parai (2)

~ Ben Anderson
~ Gary Knight
~ Shelley Collins
~ Keileigh Alberts
~ Dr. Melissa O'Brien
~ Dr. Andrea Reid
~ Sue Hodder
~ Erika Critchley
~ Denise Cooper-Melendy
~ Deanna Clarke
~ Connie Watson
~ Joyce Flynn
~ Madge Offrey
~ Sarah Blais
~ Dr. Milton Parai
~ Dr. Desiree Dunn
~ Dr. Paul Woolfrey
~ Dr. Paula Cooper (2)
~ Dr. Edwin Mercer
~ Desmond Cooke
~ Staff of 2 North LTC
~ Connie Clarke
~ Lesley Keats
~ Didier Ocana
~ Shelley Collins
~ Tammy Courtney-Benoite
~ Heather Hamlyn
~ Fred Christopher
~ Holly Lidstone
~ Reginald Skinner
~ Angela House
~ Lisa Webb
~ Jackie Pennell (2)
~ Michelle Barry (3)
~ Jackie Knee
~ Dr. Brendan Lewis
~ Vanessa Blanchard
~ Sarah Mutford
~ Shelley Garcin
~ Dianne Sweetapple
~ Shane Park
~ James Benoite
~ Allison Barter
~ Susan Morgan
~ Joan O'Keefe
~ Mary Ryland
~ Ryan Price

These people have been recognized for the significant differnce they made in the care of a patient at Western Health. Thank you for going beyond the call of duty, you are all truly Guardian Angels! 

In Memoriam Program

The Western Memorial Regional Hospital Foundation's In Memoriam program has been designed to assist families during their time of sorrow. Memorial tributes create a lasting memory for loved ones and help ensure the best possible medical care for others when they need it.

Planned Giving/Legacy Giving

Most people would like to be remembered for contributing to their community. It is possible to arrange your financial affairs so that you can take care of the needs of your family as well as make a lasting contribution to the Western Regional Hospital Foundation. Planned Giving is a creative approach to charitable giving that benefits you, as well as the Foundation.

Staff Deductions

All staff of Western Health is encouraged to support the Western Regional Hospital Foundation. One way that support is often given is through staff deductions. All donations are tax-deductible.

Volunteer Recruitment Program

The Volunteer Recruitment Program, started in 1995, and has been a very positive addition to the Foundation’s strategies. The establishment of volunteer committees in the smaller communities in our region has provided a method of communication with the people in those communities.

In addition, these groups coordinate fundraising activities in support of the Foundation. A prime example is the Tree of Memories Ceremony held in December. This event allows individuals to honor and remember loved ones during the important holiday season. The Tree of Memories started in Corner Brook, but has since taken off and is now being held in Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Hampden, Jackson’s Arm, Ramea, Trout River and Pasadena.