Prevention & Promotion Strategy

Mental Health Promotion & Addictions Prevention: A Health Promotion Strategy

Please click here to read the new Mental Health Promotion & Addictions Prevention Strategy.

The purpose of the Strategy is to examine the current status of mental health promotion and addictions prevention, identify priority areas, and evidence informed and best practices, as well as provide recommendations for action within the Western Region of Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you would like more information, here are links to some of the key documents that were used in the development of the Strategy:

Towards Recovery: A Report by the All-Party Committee on Mental Health and Addictions

A Vision for a Renewed Mental Health and Addictions System for Newfoundland and Labrador - released March 2017

The Way Forward
Towards Recovery: The Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador - released June 2017