Long Term Care Resident and Family Advisory Council

Purpose:      The Resident and Family-Centered Advisory Council is established to ensure that residents and families are meaningful partners in Long Term Care planning and that resident and family perspectives and experiences are heard and reflected in the decision-making process. 


  • Provide feedback and advice regarding policies, practices, and overall strategy for Long Term Care. 
  • Provide input on a broad range of health and human service issues that impact the lives of people who require Long Term Care services and their support network.
  • To identify opportunities for improvement initiatives based on identified Long Term Care strengths and opportunities.
  • To participate in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of quality improvement initiatives. 
  • To improve communication between residents, families, and staff of the Long Term Care program.
  • To bring resident and family voice to Long Term Care program planning, services, and space. 


  • Western Health’s Long Term Care Resident and Family Advisory Council is comprised of family and resident representatives from the six (6) Long Term Care sites, and the Protective Community Residences.
  • Three staff representatives from Long Term Care (Regional Director of Long Term Care, Long Term Care Social Worker, and Rural Health Social Worker).
  • The Advisory Council is co-chaired by a staff person and a resident or family advisor member. A family or resident advisor will be selected as Vice Chair. 

Terms of Office:

Council members will serve a term of two years, with opportunity to apply for a second term upon completion of the first term. If a membership vacancy occurs within the two year term, the committee will actively recruit for this vacancy.


  • The Western Health Resident and Family Advisory Council will liaise with the Regional Director of Long Term Care.
  • The Western Health Resident and Family Advisory Council minutes will be distributed to all members. 


Meetings will be held four (4) to six (6) times per year.


As an Advisory Council, the input of all members will be valued and will be received by the Long Term Care Program to help inform decision-making for program and service planning.