Addictions Prevention & Mental Health Promotion

Prevention & Promotion Services Available

The Regional Addictions Prevention and Regional Mental Health Promotion Consultants provide support and consultation regarding resources, programs, and initiatives on substance use prevention, gambling prevention, mental health promotion, and mental illness prevention.

The following Prevention and Promotion Services are available to individuals, families, communities, organizations and professional groups:

  • Resource Development & Access to Resources
    • Informational Displays
    • Interactive Resources
    • Best Practice Information
    • Presentations & Programs
    • Toolkits
  • Awareness Workshops & Presentations
  • Skills Development Workshops & Presentations
  • Prevention Training
  • Research & Project Consultation
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Awareness Week Activity Grants

For more information, please contact:

Regional Addictions Prevention Consultant
Susan Madore -  
634-4921 or 634-4171

Regional Mental Health Promotion Consultant
Tara Welsh -
634-4927 or 634-4171

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