Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

News Release FASD Common Messaging and Language Guide
FASD Common Messaging Guide
CanFASD Language Guide
Alcohol and Pregnancy Infographic
Women and Alcohol Info Sheet
Harm Reduction Poster

Welcome to your FASD Tool Kit. This tool kit has been developed by the Regional FASD Committee (Health Promotion & Education) with the support of the Primary Health Care, Health Promotion division of Western Health.

This tool kit has been developed to support the work of community agencies, health care providers & other individuals or groups working in the area of FASD.   This tool kit is divided into 5 sections. They include:

Other FASD Resources

Be Safe Brochure
Could you Be Pregnant?
FASD Display
Teaching for the Prevention of FASD
Let's talk FASD
Nurturing Change
FASD Strategies not Solutions

For more information, visit: www.fasdnl.ca