Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health encompasses your thinking, beliefs, behavior and culture as a means to seek health and wellness for your body, mind, relationships and soul. Spiritual care is naturally person centered as it identifies beliefs, values, communicates this to the team, and meets patients’ and families’ spiritual and emotional needs. 

At Western Health, your spiritual health matters.  Spiritual care and related resources are offered as a component of the holistic and interdisciplinary approach to your healthcare.  We will assist you to mobilize your spirituality, faith and religious resources to enhance your health and quality of life.

Why Spiritual Care?

Spiritual Resources can provide a person with meaning, comfort and hope.  They are unique for each person and may include: walking, nature, hiking, music, art, creativity, family, friends/relationships, meditation, prayer, sacramental care, belonging to a supportive community, belief in God, something bigger, religious services, yoga, reiki, healing touch, tai chi, holy writings, singing, scripture, reading, traditional healing, journaling, support groups, traditions and what’s important to you.

Spiritual Distress is a response to a disruption of a person’s core spirituality or lack of spiritual well-being.  It is a conflict between an individual’s belief system and lived reality.

Situations that may cause spiritual distress include: waiting for a difficult diagnosis, major or repeat setbacks, pain, grief and bereavement, making decisions on behalf of others, wishing for a ritual of their faith, compassion fatigue, beliefs that don’t support treatment recommendations, and…the list can go on depending on the individual and situation.

How to Reach Us?

Spiritual Health services provide a continuous presence in healthcare - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week.

Each of Western Health site's telephone operator or a member of your healthcare team has contact information for denominational chaplains and community clergy for your area.

Regional Manager – Spiritual Health

709-784-5224 (WMRH)

709-784-2700 ext. 2669 (Palliative Care unit)