Mental Health Unit at WMRH

The Mental Health Unit is a 22-bed Acute Care Service at Western Memorial Regional Hospital that serves as the only Mental Health Unit in the Western region of Newfoundland. Admission to the Mental Health Unit is intended to provide optimal bio-psychosocial assessment, stabilization, and treatment for individuals requiring acute psychiatric hospitalization. The admission is considered to be a safe, beneficial, and effective treatment consistent with the philosophy of least restrictive environment, such that patients that can be safety managed out of hospital are discharged appropriately. 

Admission to the unit is based on the clinical judgment of the admitting psychiatrist for individuals 18 years and older with a primary diagnosis under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (DSM-V) and at least one or more of the following: acute impairment of social, familial, or occupational functioning.  

For more information about visiting a patient in the Mental Health Unit, please click here.