Long Term Stay Program

This program is designed to provide permanent long term care services to individuals who are no longer capable of living in their own home. The activities and programs are designed to stimulate, promote and improve the functioning and independence of residents, thereby enabling them to do as much as they can, as well as they can, for as long as they can. Two Protective Care Units exist for individuals experiencing severe mental impairment/dementia which warrants a secure environment.

The general levels of care identified as eligible for the Long Term Stay Program:  

  • Level III - individuals requiring a minimum of three hours of nursing care/supervision in a 24-hour period.
  • Protective Care - individuals experiencing severe mental/cognitive impairment with exit seeking behavior, which warrants a secure environment.
  • Level IV - individuals requiring ongoing professional health care because they have a technological dependency or need a medical device to compensate for the loss of a vital body function (approval pending available resources).

Long Term Care Beds

Western Health has Long Term Care beds  located in six sites throughout the region. Inquiries about this program  can be answered by contacting:

  • Bay St. George Long Term Care Centre: Tel: 709-646-5800, ext. 7231
  • Bonne Bay Health Care Centre: Tel: 709-458-2211, ext. 4213
  • Calder Health Care Centre: Tel: 709-886-3350, ext. 4137
  • Corner Brook Long Term Care Home:  Tel: 709-637-3999, ext. 3534
  • Dr. Charles LeGrow Health Care Centre: Tel: 709-695-4533
  • Rufus Guinchard Health Care Centre: Tel: 709-861-3139, ext. 4211


The monthly board and lodging rate is determined by the Department of Health and Community Services and fluctuates from time to time. Financial assessment is required as part of the application process.

Application Process

To apply for admission to long term care you must contact your local Public Health Nurse or Social Worker. The resident is assessed to determine the required level of care and the facility's capacity to meet the anticipated needs.

Long Term Stay Brochure (pdf)