Protective Community Residences

Protective Community Residences (PCRs) are located in the city of Corner Brook and provide a unique residential care option for persons with mild-to-moderate dementia.   This enhanced assisted living environment promotes independence and quality of life for individuals and their families.   The PCRs are designed as a home-like setting, featuring a private bedroom with access to walking paths.   There are four separate bungalows which can accommodate 10 residents in each.   The overall goal is to provide a residential setting with privacy and amenities as an alternate option to living in a traditional institution when presented with wandering/exit seeking behaviors.


Program Objectives

  1. To provide a safe and home-like environment for residents;
  2. To provide a familiar environment that will offer cues necessary for orientation and enable the resident to function to the fullest potential within the limit of capabilities for as long as possible;
  3. To develop individualized plans of care that are tailored to meet the needs of the residents;
  4. To partner with other members of the interdisciplinary team in providing service to the resident based on assessed needs;
  5. To include the family, substitute decision-maker and/or significant other and the resident where possible in developing a plan of care;
  6. To have staff skilled in caring for the cognitively impaired resident in communication, approach, assessment and understanding; and
  7. To have specific recreational, social and leisure programs geared to cognitive functioning ability.


Philosophy of Care

The Protective Community Residences' philosophy supports a resident centered, social model of care. The social model of care focuses on quality of life and finding purpose in daily activities rather than on physiologic rehabilitation and "cure".  It incorporates the belief that cognitively impaired clients function best in a smaller, home-like unstructured environment with individuals with similar needs. The focus is on the resident, their needs and their normal living experiences while providing 24-hour supervision.



Nursing care is provided by Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) on a 24-hour basis and a Nurse Practitioner is on site Monday to Friday. The PCAs are multi-skilled individuals with training in housekeeping, meal preparation and recreation and personal care skills.

Professional services such as occupational therapy, dietitian, physiotherapy, and specialists are  available by referral with social work and recreation therapy being on site.


Individuals who relocate to the PCRs must meet established criteria to ensure there is a good fit  between the individual and this care option.   The admission and continued stay criteria for the

PCRs are as follows:

  • Diagnosis of mild-to-moderate dementia with wandering and/or exit seeking behaviors but without unpredictable, violent, sexually aggressive or disruptive behaviors;
  • Must not be a danger to oneself or others;
  • Must not require restraints;
  • Must be able to walk with minimal assistance, to feed oneself independently, and to dress and wash oneself with minimal assistance;
  • Must be able to communicate basic needs and follow staff directions; and
  • Must be medically stable and not require skilled nursing services.


The monthly board and lodging rate is determined by the Department of Health and fluctuates from time to time.   A financial assessment is required as part of the application process to the PCRs.

Application Process

For further information, please contact:
Social Worker - Protective Community Residences
(709) 632-2064

Protective Community Residences (PDF)

Download the Family Presence Guidelines brochure.