Supply of Direct Digital Radiography Systems

Tender Number: 0271-1726
Open or Closed: Closed
Location: Provincial
Post Date: 2017-11-27
Close Date: 2018-01-25
Details: Note the Closing date is Amended to January 18th, 2018 Note Amendment no 2 and 3 posted January 8th, 2018 Note: The closing date is Amended once more to January 25th,2018 2:00PM
Tender File 1: 0271-1726 TENDER FOR DDR SYSTEMS.pdf
Tender File 2: 0271-1726 TENDER FOR DDR SYSTEMS Amendment posted Dec 1st.pdf
Tender File 3: 0271-1726 Amendment 2 for DDR Tender January 8th..pdf
Tender File 4: 0271-1726 Amendment 3 - FLowers Cove Layout Drawing.pdf
Tender File 5: 0271-1726 Amendment 4 Jan 16th.pdf
Awarded?: Not Awarded
Awarded to: