Laboratory Services

The Laboratory personnel at Western Health are dedicated to our clients, patients and medical staff. We strive to give healthcare providers pertinent medical data in a timely, accurate, and meaningful manner, to ensure the best possible care for all patients.

Western Health provides laboratory services in specific divisions such as Procurement (Blood Collection), Pathology, Cytology/Histology, Hematology, Coagulation, Blood Bank, Chemistry, Immunochemistry, and Microbiology

  • A requisition from a nurse practitioner or physician is required.
  • MCP or other provincial healthcare cards must be presented upon registration.
  • An appointment is required for blood collection at the following sites:
    • LeGrow Health Centre
    • Rufus Guinchard Health Centre
    • Bonne Bay Health Centre
    • Calder Health Centre
  • Walk-in services are only available at the following sites:
    • Western Medical Clinic
    • Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital
    • Deer Lake Medical Clinic

Please call (709) 634-0679 or toll free via 1-833-459-0873 to book an appointment at:

  • Western Memorial Health Clinic
  • Deer Lake Medical Clinic 
  • Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital
  • LeGrow Health Centre

To book an appointment for blood collection, please call:

  • Bonne Bay Health Centre, (709) 458-2211, ext. 200
  • Calder Health Centre (709) 886-3350 ext. 4130
  • Rufus Guinchard Health Centre (709) 861-3139 ext. 4210
  • LeGrow Health Centre (709) 695-2175

We ask that patients have their MCP available at time of booking.

All specimens submitted to the laboratory must have a requisition and the specimen must be labeled with the patients name, MCP # or Healthcare #, as well as date and time of collection.

Please Note:

Requisitions must be properly completed by the physician’s office before a patient will be registered for specimen collection. Patients will be referred back to their physician/nurse practitioner in situations when the requisition is not properly completed.

The following information must be included on the requisition:

  1. Patient’s first and last name
  2. Healthcare number (i.e. MCP)
  3. Physician’s name and address
  4. Dated and signed by physician/nurse practitioner
  5. Required testing

Laboratory services are available throughout the Western region at specific sites. Please refer to individual sites for hours of operation and contact information.

Laboratory Test Information Guide (PDF)