Autism Services

Autism Services

What is Autism Services?
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) home therapy is an intensive home-based early intervention program offered to young children up to entry into Grade Four who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA therapy is a behavioural and skill teaching intervention program designed to assist the child in meeting targeted developmental goals.

This program is offered through the Direct Home Services Program. Funding is provided through Western Health for the child's family to hire a home therapist to work with the child for an approved number of hours per week. The number of hours is determined by the child's age/school grade as well as assessment outcomes and the child's/family's needs.  

What We Do
A Child Management Specialist (CMS) with the Direct Home Services Program provides guidance and direction to the home therapist on a regular basis regarding appropriate programming goals and activities to be implemented with the child. The CMS is professionally trained in child development and the principles of ABA therapy/implementation.


Who can refer?
Referrals can only be accepted from a Child Development Team, Psychiatrist or a Pediatrician. Referrals are forwarded to the Regional Clinical Leader who coordinates this service.

How long will I have to wait for my child to receive service?
Referrals are acted upon as soon as possible once they are received. Commencement of the service often depends on when the family is able to recruit a home therapist to work with their child. Once referrals are received, an information package is sent out to the family. Upon receipt of this package, the family will then contact the Regional Clinical Leader or their designated Child Management Specialist to discuss services. After this, a home visit will be arranged to plan the service.

How is the service delivered?
The child's parent/guardian acts as the employer of the home therapist and is responsible for the selection and hiring of a suitable individual for this position. The home therapist provides therapy in the child's home under the guidance of a CMS with a caregiver present. The CMS visits weekly or bi-weekly to work with the child, home therapist, and caregivers. The child's progress is monitored and programming is changed as needed.

What is the role of a parent/caregiver in the delivery of ABA-based services?
Parents/caregivers play a very important role in ABA services. Input from parents is very important in identifying developmental goals for the child. Parental involvement is also essential to reinforce skills and behaviours learned at home and in the community.


For more information, please contact the Regional Clinical Leader below:
Direct Home Service Program
Western Memorial Regional Hospital, 3rd Floor
Corner Brook NL
A2H 6J7
Telephone: (709) 784-5284

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