Assessment and Placement Services (Long Term Residential Care and Personal Care Homes)

To apply for Admission to Admission to Long Term Residential Care You Must:

  • Contact your local Western Health office to have an assessment completed by the Community Health Nurse or Social Worker.
  • Have a medical completed by a physician (at your own cost)
  • Have a financial assessment completed if requiring a subsidy to help with the cost of care. Your Community Health Nurse or Social Worker will refer you to the appropriate person to have this done.

How Applications are Approved

Once the Regional Assessment and Placement Coordinator receives and reviews your assessment information, you will be notified in writing whether or not you are approved for placement in long term residential care

Once approved your name is placed on the waiting list until a suitable vacancy becomes available.

To prepare for admission to long term residential care, you and your family are encouraged to visit the center(s) of your choice before you agree to admission. You can contact the center(s) to arrange a meeting or tour.

General Information

Accommodations and services differ from center to center.

You are encouraged to choose the long term residential care center in which you wish to live, providing that the center can appropriately manage your care needs.

If you accept admission to a long term residential care center that is not your first choice, efforts will be made to transfer you to the center of your choice when a vacancy occurs.

For further information or to request services contact your local Community Health Nurse  


The Regional Assessment and Placement Coordinator
Western Health
149 Montana Drive, Second Floor
Stephenville, NL
A2N 2T4
Phone: (709) 643-8713