Special Assistance Program

The Special Assistance Program (SAP) provides medical supplies, oxygen, and orthotics to assist with activities of daily living for people living in the community. To qualify, you must first meet financial eligibility  and have a clinical assessment completed by a health professional such as a Physician, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Community Health Nurse, Ostomy Nurse or Social Worker.

What Does SAP Provide?

  • Medical supplies (such as dressings, catheters, ostomy and  incontinence supplies)
  • Minor equipment (such as feeding pumps etc.)
  • Oxygen and related equipment and supplies (such as home oxygen, CPAPs etc.)
  • Orthotics (such as orthopedic footwear, braces, and burn garments)
  • Prosthetics

NOTE:  You must avail of all other funding sources (e.g. private health insurance, Indian Status) prior to requesting and receiving funding from SAP, Western Health. If qualified for SAP, there may still be a portion of the cost that must be paid by the individual.

For further information please contact your local Community Support Western Health Office 


Special Assistance Program Buyer 
149 Montana Dr. 2nd floor
Ph: (709) 643 8702 or 643 8795