Burgeo / Ramea

Telephone: 709-625-2261

Serving: Burgeo, Ramea, Francois, Grand Bruit, and Grey River

Corner Brook / Benoit’s Cove / Meadows

Telephone: 709-634-5551

Serving: Corner Brook, Steady Brook, Massey Drive, Curling, Gallants, Mount Moriah, Benoit’s Cove, Frenchman’s Cove, Lark Harbour, John’s Beach, York Harbour, and Halfway Point, Cox’s Cove, Gillams, McIvers, Meadows, Summerside, Hughes Brook, and Irishtown

Cow Head

Telephone: 709-243-2450

Serving: Cow Head, Belburns, Daniel’s Harbour, Parsons Pond, Portland Creek, St. Paul’s, and Three Mile Rock

Deer Lake / Pasadena / Hampden

Telephone: 709-635-7830

Serving: Deer Lake, Howley, Cormack, Nicholsville, Reidville, Pasadena, Pynn’s Brook, South Brook, Little Harbour, Little Rapids, Eastern Brook, Humber Village, Humber Valley Resort, Hampden, Jackson’s Arm, Pollards Point and Sops Arm

Norris Point

Telephone: 709-458-2381 Ext 260

Serving: Norris Point, Lobster Cove Head, Rocky Harbour and Sally’s Cove

Port aux Basques / Doyles

Telephone: 709-695-6285

Serving: Channel-Port aux Basques, Cape Ray, Grand Bay, Grand Bay West, Mouse Island, Newtown, Fox Roost, Margaree, LaPoile, Burnt Islands, Diamond Cove, Harbour Le Cou, Isle aux Mort, Rose Blanche, Benoit’s Siding, Cape Anguille, Coal Brook, Codroy, Doyles, Great Codroy, Loch Lomond, Millville, O’Regan’s, St. Andrew’s, Searston, South Branch, The Block, Tompkins, Upper Ferry, Woodville, and Cape Ray

Port Saunders

Telephone: 709-861-9126 Ext 44

Serving: Port Saunders, Barr’d Harbour, Bartlett’s Harbour, Castor River North, Castor River South, Eddies Cove West, Hawkes Bay, Port aux Choix, River of Ponds, and Spirity Cove

Stephenville / Piccadilly

Telephone: 709-643-8700

Serving: Stephenville, Cold Brook, Gull Pond, Noel’s Pond, Kippens, Port au Port East, Fox Island, Point au Mal, Abraham’s Cove, Aguathuna, Black Duck Brook, Boswarlos, Campbell’s Creek, Felix Cove, Piccadilly, Lourdes, Three Rock Cove, West Bay Centre, Winterhouse, Mainland, Port au Port West, Cape St. George, Red Brook, DeGrau, Ship Cove, Lower Cove, Marche’s Point, and Sheaves Cove

Stephenville Crossing / Jeffrey’s
Telephone: 709-646-3633

Serving: Stephenville Crossing, Mattis Point, Black Duck Siding, Barachois Brook, St. George’s Shallop Cove, Seal Rocks, Jeffrey’s, Cartyville, Fischells, Heatherton, Highlands, Lochleven, Maidstone, McKays, Robinsons, St. David’s, St. Fintan’s, St. Theresa’s, and Flat Bay

Woody Point
Telephone: 709-453-2401

Serving: Woody Point, Birchy Head, Curzon Village, Glenburnie, Shoal Brook, Trout River, Wiltondale, and Winterhouse Brook