Heart Function Clinic at WMRH

The Heart Function Clinic helps patients and their families meet the challenge of heart failure through a supportive relationship with a Nurse Practitioner and other health care providers.

Services offered through the clinic include:
• Initial and ongoing evaluation of condition
• Improved coordination of care
• Empowering clients with confidence, skills and ability to effectively self - manage heart failure
• Providing individualized education
• Optimization of heart failure care including medication use and dose adjustments
• Promotion of a positive life style changes
• Patient/family support
• Referrals to other team members or specialists and other programs

The clinic encourages the client to self-manage and provides support through regular assessments, evaluation and follow-up with team members.

Consults to other health provider is coordinated by the clinic and may include referral to a dietitian, occupational therapist, pharmacist, physician specialist, or social worker. Services are available through telehealth following the initial assessment. Clients are encouraged to complete the Improving Health My Way Self-Management program and the clinic can coordinate the referral.


The following must be completed as part of the referral process and clients must meet ALL of the following in order to be accepted:
• Symptomatic of heart failure
• Completion of all diagnostic procedures
• Documented Ejection Fraction by ECHO or MUGA
• Readiness to participate
• Confirmed diagnosis of CHF (include etiology if known)
o Ischemic
o Dilated
o Diastolic
o Other

Clients will be excluded if they have any of the following:
• Unstable Coronary Artery Disease
• Cognitive impairment with no caregiver support
• Severe co-morbidities which impair usefulness of referral or the client would not benefit from services offered

Clients can be referred by any health care provider.

Clinic Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Contact Information
For general inquiries, please contact (709) 784-6008.