Developmental Psychology

What is a Psychologist?
Psychologists in Developmental Psychology provide assessment, intervention and consultative services to children from birth to school entry who have developmental delays and those at risk for such delays.

What does the Psychologist do?
The Psychologist may administer a variety of tests with your child as part of a comprehensive assessment of your child's development.   Intervention may be provided in the form of recommended activities to work on with your child at home, or in the form of direct on-on-one intervention with the child during which identified skill areas are worked on.   Psychologist assess many areas of development, however a focus will be on cognitive development and behavior.

Psychologists work with an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and regularly consult with other services to ensure coordinated service to clients.   They are active participants in the Individual Support Services Plan (ISSP) process.

Services are provided in a clinic setting; however Psychologists also provide home consultations to the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) home therapy program for children with a diagnosis of Autism availing of this program.

Psychologists are members of the Child Development Team wherein they are involved in the assessment and diagnosis of Autism.


Who can refer?
Referrals to this service can be made by a child's caregiver or by healthcare professionals including Pediatricians, Community Health Nurses, Speech-Language Pathologists, etc.

How long will my child have to wait to be seen?
Currently, there is an extensive wait time to receive an assessment.  Some children are given priority including those with an upcoming assessment with the Child Development Team, children going to kindergarten and those with developmental concerns that are severe and for which cognitive and/or behavioral intervention is deemed immediately necessary.

How long can my child be followed?
Services are provided for children from birth to school entry.  Support with transitioning to kindergarten can be provided; however once the child is in school, he/she is discharged from this service.

Staff are located in Corner Brook and Stephenville.  Travelling clinics may be held in PAB and the Northern Peninsula based on client need.

Third Floor, Western Memorial Regional Hospital
P.O. Box 2005
Corner Brook, NL   A2H 6J7
Telephone: (709) 784-5284

Rehabilitation Annex
127 Montana Drive
Stephenville, NL   A2N 2T4
Telephone: (709 643-8690

Download Referral Form for Developmental Pschology (pdf)


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