Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT)

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) is a comprehensive biopsychosocial model that provides treatment of illness and symptoms, hands-on assistance with daily living activities, and recovery support for individuals, age 18 years and over, with serious mental illness and concurrent disorders. FACT strives to ensure continuity of care and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital by providing intensive services for individuals within their communities through assertive community outreach.

FACT teams provide long-term care for people with serious mental illness. These people vary in age, background, life course and social and economic circumstances. The largest group of individuals served by FACT teams have psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder bipolar disorder, and major depression. People with other mental health disorders, as well as substance use disorders, may also benefit from FACT, depending on the severity and complexity of their illness. An assessment is required prior to admission into the program.

Individuals with serious mental illness often face barriers related to housing, self-care, education, employment and finances. They may also find it difficult to maintain relationships and participate in society as their support systems and contacts may be limited. The culmination of these factors hinder their ability to function on a daily basis.

FACT best meets the needs of individuals, age 18 years and over, with one or more of the following:

o Have a serious mental illness (including substance use disorder) that requires long-term care and treatment;

o Have a history of repeated hospitalizations and/or emergency department visits;

o Have limitations in social and community functioning;

o Have experienced a first episode of psychosis;

o Are subject to a community treatment order (CTO) under the Mental Health Care and Treatment Act; or

o Are considered at high-risk for physical or mental deterioration, and have not been able to effectively engage and benefit from other mental health and addiction services and would benefit from, and agree to, a coordinated, assertive team-based approach.

Contact Information:

Deer Lake FACT Team

20 Farm Road

Deer Lake, NL

A8A 1J3

Phone: (709)635-2804

Corner Brook FACT Team

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Monaghan Hall

P.O. Box 2005

Corner Brook, NL 

A2H 6J7

Telephone: (709) 784-6822

Stephenville FACT Team

Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital
Stephenville, NL 

A2N 2V6
Telephone: (709) 643-5111, extension 7294