Palliative Care

Palliative Care is special care for people, their families, and others who are living with a serious illness.

The goals of palliative care are:

  • patient comfort and care of symptoms
  • quality of life and respect for each patient
  • support for the patient and family.

Throughout Western region there are palliative care beds.  Western Memorial Regional Hospital has  an 8-bed unit, Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital has four palliative  care  beds, and there is one  bed at each of the health centres (Bonne Bay Health Centre, Calder Health Centre, Charles LeGrow Health Centre, and Rufus Guinchard Health Centre).

The care team includes a nurse specialist and Palliative Care doctor, nurses, family doctors, social workers/counselors, pharmacists, and pastoral care. Other team members such as occupational therapists, nutritionists, or physiotherapists may be brought in as needed.

Patients can be admitted to Palliative Care for care of their symptoms, such as pain, or nausea and vomiting; and care during the last month of life.

For further information you may  contact  the  Clinical Nurse Specialist:

Tel: 709-637-5000 ext 5203