Affordable Housing for Seniors (Cottages)

Western Health maintains Cottage/Apartment units which are designed for individuals capable of independent living. Services to the units are limited to maintenance, security, lawn mowing, snow clearing.


Each unit is furnished with a washer, dryer, fridge, stove, and hand railings in the washroom. Tenants must supply all other necessary furnishings for themselves.


Applicants must:

-  Be able to live independently
-  Be 60 years of age or involuntarily retired from the workforce and at least 50 years of age
-  Not have an annual income of over $32,500.

Waiting List

A Regional Tenant Selection Committee will review applications which include a Health Certificate completed by a designated health care professional and a Certified Income Deduction Statement from Revenue Canada. Each application will be reviewed individually and given priority based on the applicant's documented needs.


It is our belief that:

-  Individuals should remain in their community environment as long as possible so as greater independence and control over their lives may be obtained.
-  The promotion of healthy lifestyles will enhance quality of living and prevent inappropriate admissions to health care facilities.
-  Every person has the right to live in an environment which promotes personal independence, self-reliance, freedom of choice, and respect for person's individuality and beliefs.
-  A home-like environment where the individual is provided the opportunity to pursue his/her former lifestyle enhances the quality of life.

* All cottages/Apartments are smoke-free.


The monthly rent varies between $485 - $755 depending on the size and location of the unit. Tenants are given three months notice of any rental adjustments. Limited units are based on 25% of the tenant's monthly income.   


Interfaith Cottages, 92 units, Corner Brook
Shamrock Crescent, 12 units, Corner Brook
Bay St. George Cottages, 38 units, Stephenville Crossing
Gateway Cottages, 20 units, Port aux Basques
Gateway Apartments, 21 units, Port aux Basques


More information is available by contacting:
The Regional Tenant Selection Committee
Western Health
P.O. Box 250
Stephenville Crossing, NL   A0N 2C0