Western Long Term Care Home

Western Long Term Care Home opened in June 2020. The facility has 145 beds; 105 Long Term Care beds, 15 Restorative Care beds, 10 Adult Rehabilitation beds, and 15 Palliative Care beds. The delivery of services within the facility reflects the diverse physical, cultural, social, emotional, spiritual, and recreational needs of its residents, patients, and their families.

· Long Term Care Program – This program is designed to care for those who are no longer able to live in their own home or in a community setting.  This home features seven 15-bed houses each with a dining room, living room, access to outdoor living as well as family gathering spaces.  To apply for admission to long term care, you must contact your local Public Health Nurse or Continuing Care Social Worker.  The individual is assessed to determine his or her level of care and the facility's capacity to meet the anticipated needs. A tour of the facility is strongly encouraged and can be arranged by phoning (784-2700 Ext 2635) to set up an appointment.  

· Restorative Care Program – This program provides an opportunity for individuals to receive slow paced rehabilitative care following a stay in acute care.  The goal of Restorative Care is to optimize an individual’s care, with the hopes of returning back to community living. 

· Adult Rehabilitation Program – Rehabilitation is a fast-paced goal-oriented program which enables individuals with impairments, activity limitations, and/or participation restrictions to identify and reach their optimal physical, mental, and/or social functional level.  A fundamental component of the rehabilitation process is the patient’s ability to embrace his/her own role in recovery.

· Palliative Care Program – This program focuses on supporting an integrated approach to Palliative Care.  An approach that focuses on a person’s and family’s physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs at all stages of chronic illness or frailty.  Palliative Care strives in promoting comfort, rather than attempting to cure.   Palliative Care aims to improve the quality of life and eliminate suffering for people diagnosed with a life limiting or life-threatening illness.