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In 2018, the Journey of Collaboration was created in partnership with Qalipu First Nation, members of the Mi’kmaw community, Grenfell Campus and the Western Regional School of Nursing.

The Journey of Collaboration Project was established to give voice to the Mi’kmaw community of Western NL to create a framework and action plan to co-design health and wellness strategies, services and programs, to address calls to action outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. This builds upon Western Health’s Person and Family Centered Care (PFCC) strategy and L’nu priorities. 

The Journey of Collaboration framework lays the foundation for a health care system that follows a two-eyed seeing approach which benefits all people. This approach promotes using one eye to view health through a western lens, and the other eye to view health through an Indigenous lens.  It has three core principles: share, include and collaborate, which the Mi’kmaw community consider essential.

Progress will be made on this journey through weaving together the principles of inclusion, sharing, and collaboration to create a braid which encompasses holistic health and wellness for all.  This braid serves as a reflection of and honors the ancestors and the culture of the Mi’kmaw people. Its explicit purpose is to show the strength that comes from the interconnectedness of the three principles with the whole being exponentially stronger than the sum of its parts.

The Action Plan accompanies the Framework. It outlines community’s recommendations through actions in the action plan.  Together, the Journey of Collaboration Framework and Action Plan explains the next steps.

For more information, please review the following resources or contact our Project Coordinator:

2022 Engagement Infographic

Framework and Action Plan


Wendy Brake, Project Coordinator
Telephone (Toll Free): 1-833-662-0140