Getting Help

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program

Did you know that Western Health offers services to sexual assault victims? We have nurses specially trained in Sexual Assault Examination. These nurses collect forensic evidence that can aid law enforcement officials in the identification and conviction of perpetrators.

If you have been or suspect that you've been sexually assaulted, go to your local emergency department and request the services of a SANE nurse. One or two specially trained SANE nurses will be with you the entire time to provide the care you require and collect necessary specimens. These nurses are assigned to you alone and will not leave you to see other patients. You will only see a doctor if you have injuries requiring medical intervention or require certain medications.

If you consent to a medical legal investigation the SANE nurse will hand all the evidence over to the police when the examination is completed and the police will want to talk with you to obtain a statement. Services can be provided even if you decide not to engage in legal proceedings. In the event this happens the specimens will be stored at the police station to maintain the integrity of the chain of evidence and will assist in any investigation in the event you change your mind.

Download SANE Patient Medical Information and After Care brochure (pdf)  

Newfoundland & Labrador HealthLine

HealthLine's team of registered nurses will give you the health advice and information you need when you need it. Health advice and information is just a phone call away.

1-888-709-2929 (Toll Free)


Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is a free, anonymous and confidential phone and on-line professional counselling service for youth. Big or small concerns, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

1-800-668-6868 (Toll Free)


Mental Health Crisis Line

A 24 provincial crisis hotline.

1-888-737-4668 (Toll Free)


NL Planned Parenthood

A non-profit, pro-choice sexual health centre serving all parts of the province.

1-877-666-9847 (Toll Free)


Transition House

Provides a supportive, safe environment in which women can make decisions about their future and help them obtain services like legal aid, health and community resources, medical help, accommodations and employment counselling.

1-866-634-4198 (Toll Free)