Emile Benoit House

Congregate Housing is known as a non-institutional, residential, shared living environment. It is a combination of private apartments and large group living areas.  Congregate Housing integrates the shelter and services needed by individuals who have impairment and/or are socially isolated; yet do not require the constant supervision or intensive health care services provided in an institution.

A Congregate Housing Coordinator is on staff to assess the care needs of each tenant and draw up an individualized service plan to meet their requirements.

The Congregate Housing Coordinator will assist tenants in locating appropriate community based services if they are unable to do so themselves.  Such services may include, but are not limited to, homemaker, home health, personal care and transportation services (a minimal fee may be charged for these services depending on the individual's income).  


-  To assist tenants to live as independently as possible while enhancing their quality of life, and preventing unwarranted institutionalization;
-  To maintain the rights of the tenants to direct their own lives;
-  To facilitate companionship and a sense of community amongst tenants;
-  To facilitate supportive services as needed; and
-  To provide affordable housing comparable to other social housing projects.

Who Can Apply?

-  The minimum age requirement is 65; however, individuals between 50 and 64 will be considered where significant extenuating circumstances exist.
-  Persons must be able to function independently with the supportive services that are available in the community.
-  Persons must be willing and able to share common areas with 20 other individuals.

Application Process

A tour of the facility is strongly encouraged.  During this initial visit, a short application form can be completed. A medical must be completed by the applicant’s family doctor.  The Congregate Housing Coordinator will then visit the applicant's home to complete a more extensive assessment.  All of these documents will then be reviewed by an assessment team who will determine whether or not the applicant is an appropriate candidate for Emile Benoit House.

Cost to the Tenants

-  Shelter - rent for qualified tenants under NLHC guidelines will be 25% of the tenant's monthly income.
-  Utilities - tenants will pay $20 per month for utilities.
-  Laundry - tenants will pay $10 per month for the use of washers and dryers.
-  Meals - a component of the Congregate Housing Program is to provide one meal per day in the common dining room.  The tenants will pay $115 per month to cover all expenses for this service.  Tenants are responsible for all other meals.

Physical Space

There are 20 bachelor-type apartments of which 18 are single units and 2 are double units (one of which is wheelchair accessible).  Tenants have their own private bachelor-type apartment which includes a kitchen, bedsitting room, bathroom with shower and storage room.  The tenants also have a large shared common kitchen, dining room, living room, lounge, bathing and laundry facilities. 


It is our belief that:

-  Every person has the right to live in an environment which promotes personal independence, self-reliance, freedom of choice, and respect for each person's individuality and beliefs.
-  The promotion of healthy lifestyles will enhance quality of living and prevent inappropriate admissions to health care facilities.
-  Each aged individual has the same diverse physical, psychosocial, spiritual and economic needs that exist at any other stage of the life cycle.
-  Each person is unique and must have self-worth, self-esteem and dignity maintained.


Congregate Housing Coordinator
Emile Benoit House
Stephenville Crossing, NL