Inpatient Surgery

The Surgical Program supports the patient care delivery model of Total Patient Care (TPC), whereby one nurse has the responsibility for the care of several patients during a shift. The assigned nurse meets all the needs of the patients under her/his care.  

Discharge planning begins on admission. Needs are identified post operatively, and should home supports be necessary, they can be initiated with assistance from social worker and your nurse. They will direct you through the appropriate channels and process.

There are two Inpatient Surgical Units at Western Memorial Regional Hospital.

The Orthopedic Unit (2D) on the second floor:
-  specializes in Orthopedic services
-  Ears/Nose/Throat (ENT)
-  Ophthalmology services
-  Has 17 beds

Individualized care is provided by a team of various health care professionals such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, and others upon request.

Expected Length of Stay

-  5-7 days for knee surgery
-  7-10 days for hip surgery

For more information, please contact:

Western Health - Western Memorial Regional Hospital Orthopedic Unit (2D)
709-637-5000 ext. 5302

The General Surgical Unit (4AB) on the fourth floor:

-  Provides specialized services to urology, vascular, general surgery and some thoracic and gynecology
-  Unit specific post operative teachings in ostomy care, mastectomy and prostatic education
-  Has 36 beds

To enhance your stay, please be aware of the following:
-  It is not uncommon for the elderly to experience post-operative confusion for 24 to 36 hours. Support from family members at this time is important.
-  If you received a blood transfusion during your hospital stay, a written notification will be given to you prior to discharge.
-  It is important that you understand your discharge instructions, medication changes and follow up appointments.
-  It is a good idea to keep a note pad near your bedside, to record questions you will want to ask your physician and nurse.

For information about visiting, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Western Health-Western Memorial Regional Hospital General Surgical Unit (4AB)
709-637-5000 ext. 5501

We wish you a positive journey through your admission to discharge.

For your information, please see these brochures (pdf):

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