Western Health Introduces Health Neighbourhoods: www.westernhealth.nl.ca/healthneighbourhood

Dec 16, 2020

Western Health is introducing health neighbourhoods and a webpage to help people access family doctor or nurse practitioner services.

Health neighborhoods are the geographic areas where people access primary health care services. 

The new webpage provides information about primary care services available. Individuals who do not have a regular family doctor or nurse practitioner can fill out an online request to be added to a waitlist. A confirmation email will be sent confirming placement on the waitlist.  Individuals will receive a telephone call when there is an opportunity for them to become a patient of a family doctor/nurse practitioner in their neighbourhood. Wait times will vary from area to area depending on the availability of providers.  

Individuals with no family doctor or nurse practitioner, or those who are unable to get an appointment with their regular health care provider, can go to the webpage to see if there are walk-in clinics in their health neighborhood. A link to virtual nurse practitioner services though 811 is also available. 

Visit the webpage and click on the interactive map to learn more about health neighborhoods.