Many Options Available for Influenza Vaccinations

Nov 13, 2020

Western Health is advising that approximately 30% of the population in the Western region have received their flu shot to date. If you have not yet received your flu shot, it’s not too late. There are many options available for residents to receive their flu shot this year.

 ·         If you are not easily able to leave your home to get a flu shot, you can receive a flu shot in your home. Please call 1-844-784-6783 or your local public health office to book a home visit (see contact information below).

·         Appointments are still available at public health flu clinics in various communities in the Western region. Appointments can be booked online (here) or by calling 1-833-951-3904 (toll free).

·         If you have missed the public health flu clinics in your area, you can contact your local public health office or 1-844-784-6783 to schedule an appointment (see contact information below).

·         Some doctors’ offices and pharmacies are offering flu shots. Please contact your doctor or local pharmacy for options in your community.

Getting a flu shot is important every year, and particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting vaccinated will help reduce the spread of influenza in our communities and help reduce the impact on the health care system if we do see a surge of people becoming ill from theCOVID-19 virus. Additional information about influenza can be found on the Western Health website at

Local Public Health Offices:

Deer Lake, 635-7830
Benoits Cove,789-2832
Norris Point, 458-2211 ext 260
Burgeo, 886-1550
Cow Head, 243-7294
Hampden, 455-3333
Jeffrey's 645-2541
Meadows, 783-2123
Port aux Basques, 695-6250
Pasadena, 686-5414
Piccadilly, 642-5463
Port Saunders, 861-9126 ext 6
St. George’s, 647-3851
Stephenville, 643-8700
Stephenville Crossing, 646-3633
Corner Brook, 632-2830
Woody Point, 453-2268