First Patients and Residents Welcomed at Western Long Term Care Home

Jun 1, 2020

Patients and residents will be moving into the new Western Long Term Care Home, in a phased in approach this month.

“We are very pleased to be welcoming the first patients and residents into our beautiful new facility,” said Cindy Davis, CEO. “Western Health’s staff have made significant efforts to protect residents, patients and each other as we move forward with our plan to open the new home, given the circumstances we are in with the pandemic.” Precautions are in place to reduce potential transition of COVID-19 in long term care (LTC) throughout the region including screening and testing residents prior to moving in, daily screening and the ability to isolate residents who require separation from others. 

Palliative care and rehabilitative care will open this week, while restorative care will open later in June. Individuals who are awaiting LTC at Western Memorial Regional Hospital will also be moving into the new home later this month. These groups have been prioritized to move first to enable capacity at Western Memorial Regional Hospital and Corner Brook Long Term Care Home for a potential surge of COVID-19. Planning for more residents to move into the home is ongoing and the transition will continue gradually.

Western Long Term Care Home includes 105 LTC beds, 15 restorative care beds, 15 palliative care beds and 10 rehabilitative care beds. Construction of the home was completed in February and it has since been given a new civic address, 110 Health Care Crescent.

Previous plans for opening the new facility included welcoming families and the community in for tours. Since that is not possible at this time, Western Health has developed a virtual tour (see video here).