Flu Shots Available Starting October 17

Oct 14, 2022

Western Health is advising that influenza vaccine clinics (flu shot) will be available beginning October 17. Western Health is recommending the flu shot for everyone older than 6 months of age, to reduce the spread of influenza and protect our population.

Western Health’s vaccine clinics will provide both flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines, including the bivalent booster. Residents may receive both vaccines safely at the same time.

Appointments are required for both the influenza and COVID vaccine. If you choose to receive both vaccines during the same visit to a vaccine clinic but appointments are not available at the same time on that day, please book appointments for both and arrive at the vaccine clinic at the earliest appointment time. The clinic staff will provide both vaccines and make efforts to minimize your wait time.

Individuals are eligible to receive their COVID booster 20 weeks from their last vaccine dose or 3 months from COVID-19 infection. 

The Bivalent Vaccine is currently available for the following individuals:

-Aged 18 and over
-Aged 12 years to 18 years who have an underlying medical condition that places them at high risk of severe COVID-19 disease.

Individuals who are older than five, but not yet 18 can still receive a booster dose, however, they will be given the original vaccine.

Online booking is available for vaccine appointments (except 6 month to 5-year-olds). Appointments can be booked online here. Those unable to book online can schedule an appointment by calling 1-833-703-5470 toll free. Individuals who are homebound and not able to visit a vaccine clinic/physician office can call 1-833-703-5470 to coordinate a home visit.

Individuals who are at least six months of age, but not yet five are still able to receive a primary series of COVID vaccine, however they are not eligible for boosters at this time. COVID Vaccine appointments for children under five will not be offered at vaccine clinics.  Please contact your local public health office to coordinate an appointment time.

Western Health reminds the public to arrive for their appointment no earlier than ten minutes in advance, to bring their MCP card and to wear a short-sleeved shirt. Further instructions will be provided on site.

Residents may also receive their shots through their family physician or local pharmacy. Physicians can administer the vaccine to everyone, regardless of age, while pharmacists can administer the vaccine to people five years of age and older.

See Western Health's vaccine clinic schedule here.