Virtual ER to Support Physician Shortage at Rufus Guinchard Health Centre

Apr 8, 2022

Western Health will have a temporary physician shortage at the Rufus Guinchard Health Centre (RGHC) in Port Saunders over the next five weeks. Residents requiring emergency services in the area during this time are advised to call 911 or proceed to RGHC as normal.

During this time individuals may be assessed through a virtual emergency room service.

On-site emergency services will be supported through Virtual ER assessment over a significant portion of the period from April 8, 2022, to May 13, 2022.

There will be a health care provider available to support patient care on-site and assist with virtual care as needed.

Virtual ER

In many respects, a Virtual ER operates the same as a traditional Emergency Room.

  • A patient requiring Emergency Services would present to the health care site.
  • The patient will be seen and assessed by a Registered Nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner.
  • The patient will be assessed by a physician virtually and managed with the support of the team on the ground.
  • As required, patients would be transported to the most appropriate Category A Hospital – Western Memorial Regional Hospital or Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital –to further manage their needs.

This model of care has been implemented in many regions of the province and in Canada to provide safe care for patients in need.

Western Health thanks the public for their understanding and patience as we continue to focus on providing safe and quality care for residents.