Changes for Bloodwork and X-Ray Services in Some Locations

Mar 17, 2022

Western Health is advising of an upcoming change for laboratory services (i.e., blood collection) and medical imaging services (i.e., xray) in some locations. There will be a return to walk-in services at some sites, while some sites will continue to have appointment-based services only.

Effective March 21, 2022, the following sites will have walk in services only and all appointments after March 18 are cancelled:

-Western Memorial Health Clinic (blood collection)

-Western Memorial Regional Hospital (xray)

-Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital (blood collection and xray)

-Dr. Charles L. LeGrow Health Centre (blood collection and xray)

-Deer Lake Clinic (blood collection and xray)

Blood collection and medical imaging services will remain appointment-based at Bonne Bay Health Centre, Rufus Guinchard Health Centre, and Calder Health Centre with no impact on scheduled appointments.

Western Health recognizes that some individuals prefer appointments for bloodwork and xrays, while others prefer walk in services. Western Health is currently exploring opportunities to provide both walk in services and booked appointments at our facilities. 

Western Health reminds individuals to bring their paper requisition with them when they go for bloodwork or xrays.

Please note that a well-fitted medical mask is still required in all Western Health facilities.