Home Support Services

Home support provides additional help that people need so they remain at home. Home support services are intended to support, not replace, help provided by the person’s family or friends and neighbours

How Does a Person Apply for Home Support?  

A referral must be made to the Community Health Nurse or Community Support Social Worker if the person is living in the community or to the hospital-based Social Worker if the client is currently in hospital.

A Social Worker or Community Health Nurse will visit to complete an assessment. The assessment will identify the strengths and needs of a person and will look at the support available from family and others to meet those needs. A Social Assistance Worker must complete a financial assessment on the client before Western Health can help to pay for home support. Information about how to have this financial assessment completed will be provided during the visit with the nurse or social worker. The client may need to pay a portion of the cost of home support.

Home Support Delivery Options:

Self Managed Care
The individual/family has the option to hire their own home support worker(s).

Agency Care
An approved home support agency provides the care. The individual/family is responsible for the selection of an agency.  

Paid Family Caregiver
To allow payment for family member to care for a love one at home based on the eligibility crieria

What Kinds of Services Does Home Support Provide?

  • Personal Care - This includes help with bathing,  shaving, getting dressed, using the toilet, walking and feeding yourself.
  • Household Management  - This includes help with light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, home management and shopping.
  • Respite Care  - Caregiver relief, and/or help with recreational activities.
  • Behavioral  Aide-  Provides assistance to clients with intellectual disability who are demonstrating challenging behaviours.

Guide to Programs and Services for Individuals and Families

For more information please contact your local Community Support office