Respectful Workplace Initiatives

Western Health recognizes that conflict is necessary for personal growth,  as well as  organizational change and development.  Conflict often creates the context for communication, clarification, and understanding.  In this sense, conflict can be, and often is, constructive.  Conversely, miscommunication, lack of understanding, and stress can lead to negative conflict and disrespect. Consequently, efforts to deal with conflict and disrespect should not aim to suppress or eliminate differences; rather, they should seek to optimize interactions and focus the energy of conflict into constructive channels. Western Health's approach to creating a Respectful Workplace involves directly working with employees to foster positive interactions and devise practical and optimal solutions to conflict.

Western Health is committed to creating a positive work atmosphere that respects and promotes human rights and personal dignity.  We believe that all employees, medical and allied staff, students, volunteers, patients, clients, residents, and visitors are entitled to a work and service  environment that is free from any form of discrimination  or harassment.  Western Heath has the authority and responsibility, under both law and policy, to make every effort to prevent disrespect and discrimination in the workplace and to respond promptly and appropriately when it does occur.

This  program is designed to educate and inform both managers and employees regarding respectful work environments. It includes relevant organizational policies, describes disrespectful behaviour, and explains workplace violence. It also outlines the responsibilities of both employees and leaders within Western Health to foster a respectful work environment. The Respect @ Western Health guide provides Western Health staff with information and practical advice for responding to disrespect and conflict. It is intended to complement, not to replace, training programs available. Please contact Human Resources or Employee Wellness if you would like to discuss a specific situation.

At  Western Health, everyone has the right to be treated with respect, as well as responsibility to respect others.