Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Support happens when a breastfeeding mother offers support, encouragement and knowledge through her own experiences to another breastfeeding mother. This is done to help a mother achieve her breastfeeding goals. It is commonly known as mother-to-mother support. There are two parts of mother-to-mother support in the Breastfeeding Support Program.

The first is one-on-one support, where a trained Volunteer Support Mother is matched with an expectant mother, new mother or breastfeeding mother. A Community Health Nurse coordinates the matching of the Volunteer Mother with a breastfeeding mother. This nurse is also the main contact and support for the Volunteer Support Mother. The two matched mothers communicate via telephone, texting or emailing.

The second part is weekly drop-in breastfeeding groups. These are open to all breastfeeding mothers in the community. All breastfeeding mothers in the community can drop in and meet new friends, chat to and get hints and tips from other mothers who have “been there”, and talk to a trained Volunteer Support Mother or Community Health Nurse if needed.

Both parts of the Breastfeeding Support Program work together to make sure that breastfeeding experiences are positive and that each mother’s own goals can be met. The way that breastfeeding support is set up in each community varies. Most of the programs in this region have grown through partnerships between Community Health, Family Resource Centres, Healthy Baby Clubs, breastfeeding mothers and local businesses.

Breastfeeding support is offered in the following communities in the Western Region: Corner Brook, Benoit’s Cove, Meadows, Stephenville, Port au Port, Stephenville Crossing, Jeffries, Port aux Basques, Deer Lake, Pasadena and Port Saunders.

For information on where to go for breastfeeding support in your community, contact your local Community Health Nurse or Family Resource Centre.

See Breastfeeding Resources.

See information about Lactation Consultant services here.

For more information on how to set up a Breastfeeding Support Program, please contact the Regional Nutritionist by email:  Regional Nutritionist or by phone: 784-6130 or Contact a Wellness Facilitator:

  • Bonne Bay and Area; Port Saunders and Area:
  • Bay of Islands and Area; Deer Lake, White Bay South and Area:
  • Port aux Basques and Area; Burgeo, Ramea and Area; Bay St. George and Area: