Child Health Checks

The Child Health Clinic program is designed to provide families with the opportunity to have their child's growth and development assessed and monitored. It also provides guidance (i.e infant nutrition, oral health, safety, etc.) and support (i.e. to other health and community services) to parents with the goal of maximizing their child's level of wellness.  

Additionally, community health nurses give immunizations to help ensure that all children are protected against vaccine preventable diseases. At the end of each clinic, parents are asked to wait for 15 minutes to ensure their child's safety following immunizations. For the Newfoundland and Labrador Immunization schedule click here.

Child Health Clinics for infants and toddlers are scheduled to all children at 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months of age, available free of charge through appointments. To book your appointment please contact the Community Health Office nearest you.

The Preschool Health Check is the final health check in the Child Health Clinic series. This health check is offered by  community health nurses to children who have reached the age of 3 years & 9 months - 4 years & 2 months of age. If your child is older, please contact your Community Health Nurse to have this assessment completed prior to your child starting kindergarten. In consideration of your child's age, the health check is offered in a relaxed, yet fun and interactive manner.

What does the Preschool Health Check provide?

  • Health screening  and assessment of height, weight, vision, hearing and general development
  • Health information (healthy eating/nutrition)  and support to parents in anticipating the health needs of your child
  • Referral for follow up if issues or concerns are identified
  • Linkages to available and appropriate services and supports
  • Immunization  (as per provincial immunization schedule)


Child Health Clinic Information Packages

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