Scheduled Power Outage at Bonne Bay Health Centre

Oct 25, 2019

Western Health is advising that there will be a power outage at Bonne Bay Health Centre while a breaker is being installed for new X-Ray equipment.  The power outage is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. on October 30 and last up to four hours. Western Health has taken precautions to ensure safety of patients and residents during this time.

Bonne Bay Health Centre will be available for emergency services during the power outage. There will be no scheduled appointments or laboratory services while power is unavailable.

Telephones will not be working at the Health Centre while there is no power. Individuals are reminded to call 911 if they are in a health emergency and 811 if they require health information.

Western Health apologizes for any inconvenience and thanks residents, families and the public for their patience during this time.


Media Contact:
Tara J. Pye 
Director of Communications 
Western Health 
T: 784-5252