Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual health plays a major role in the overall health and well being of individuals throughout their lives.

The Reproductive Health Consultant must ensure that sexual health programs are provided to address sexuality issues through the lifespan from preconception to death, to enhancing the ability of the people to create significant improvements in the health of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Sexual health encompasses; sex, reproduction, gender identity and roles, sexual orientation, puberty, contraception, STI, unintended pregnancy, abortions, breast health, infertility, menopause, men’s health and sexual dysfunction.

Public Health Nurses are able to assist with information and the delivery of education on all sexual and reproductive topics, both in the education facilities and in the communities.

The Reproductive Health Consultant is responsible for the expertise in the area of reproductive health,, coordinating, developing, implementation and evaluating new and existing reproductive health programs. The Reproductive Health Consultant will network to evaluate trends and address sexuality issues as they evolve, in conjunction with other branches in Western Health and stakeholders in the Western Region.

For more information, contact:

Regional Reproductive Health Consultant
Western Memorial Regional Hospital, Corner Brook, NL
Phone: 709-637-5000 ext. 5492

Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

Presentations (PDFs)

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Cervical Screening
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Sexual Wellness
Sexually Transmitted Infections
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