Western Memorial Regional Hospital
1 Brookfield Avenue
P.O. Box 2005
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6J7

Emergency Department, Ext. 5524
Women and Children's Health, Ext. 5406
Maternal Newborn, Ext. 5201
Ortho Surgery, Ext. 5302
Medicine, 3A, Ext. 5401
Medicine, 3B, Ext. 5403
Palliative Care, Ext. 5203
ALC, 3D, Ext. 5293
Surgery, 4A, Ext. 5501
Surgery, 4B, Ext. 5502
Intensive Care, Ext. 5528
Mental Health, Ext. 5517
Rehab, Ext. 5312
ALC, Ext. 6474

Western Memorial Regional Hospital

Western Memorial Regional Hospital, located in Corner Brook, is a 217 bed facility providing secondary services to the people of the Western region, approximately 78,000 people.

The Health Services provided include:

Family physician primary care services are supported by specialist services in:

See information about Visiting Hours at Western Memorial Regional Hospital.

See What to Expect when using the Emergency Department.

See Western Health Community/client policies.


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