Your Health Matters is a column written by Western Health staff and published monthly in the Western Star.

June 2017:  The Use of Antipsychotic Medications in the Elderly

May 2017: Quitting Smoking - A Journey Worth Taking

April 2017: Dental Health

March 2017: Take the Fight out of Food! Spot the problem. Get the facts. Seek support

February 2017: Are you ready for some pillow talk?

January 2017: Addressing the barriers of eating fresh

December 2016: Safe Tips for Cooking a Turkey

November 2016: Diabetes Awareness

October 2016: Let's Support Each Other For a Healthier Province

September 2016: Back to School Tips

August 2016: Lice - Take a peek. Every Week

July 2016: Sleep - The Tie That Binds

June 2016: Alzheimer's Support Group

May 2016: Adult Communication Difficulties

April 2016: Death and Dying

March 2016: Take the 100 Meal Journey - Make Small Changes, One Meal at a Time

February 2016: Improving Health My Way

January 2016: On the Road to Quitting

December 2015: Healthy Classroom Celebrations for the Holiday Season

November 2015: Diabetes Awareness

October 2015: Distracted Driving - It Only Takes a Second...

September 2015: Healthy Body Image

August 2015: Back To School

July 2015: Childs Play

June 2015: Staying Active as you Age

May 2015: Funding Assistance Available  for  Hearing Aids

April 2015: Always Remember your Helmet

March 2015: Nutrition Month - Eating 9 to 5

February 2015: Improving  health: Become a self-manager

January 2015: Diabetes

December 2014: Falls Prevention

November 2014: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

October 2014: Changing the Face of Breastfeeding

September 2014: Suicide Awareness

August 2014: Anaphylaxis

July 2014: The Family Road Trip: Travelling Safely With Your Children

June 2014: Eating Healthy and Safely in Senior Years

May 2014: TV Watching and Child Development (Includes a Tip Sheet)

April 2014: Safe Driving Practices

March 2014: March is Nutrition Month: Simply Cook and Enjoy!

February 2014: The Importance of Sexual and Reproductive Health

January 2014: Smoke-Free Living in Western Newfoundland Schools

December 2013: Handling Holiday Stress

November 2013: Diabetes

October 2013: Breastfeeding

September 2013: Suicide Prevention

August 2013: Summer Without a Sunburn

July 2013: Bike Safety

June 2013: Concussions

May 2013: Music and Hearing Loss

April 2013:  Oral Health

March 2013: Community Gardens

February 2013: You, Your Toddler, and Tantrums

January 2013: NL Smoking Rates on the Decline

December 2012: Play it safe wear a helmet

November 2012: Feeling the holiday 'spirit'

October 2012: Get the flu shot not the flu

September 2012: Kids enjoy healthy lunches

August 2012: Breastfeeding and family foods

July 2012: Be sun safe

June 2012: Physical activity

May 2012: Early help for speech, language and hearing problems

April 2012: The benefits of creative play

March 2012: Living with a chronic condition

February 2012: Sexual health matters