Western Health Services in the Bay St. George Area

Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital (Stephenville)
44 acute care beds

Acute Medicine                                                                                           Emergency Medicine
General Surgery                                                                                         OBS/Gynecology clinics
Intensive Care                                                                                               Outpatients
Internal Medicine                                                                                       Anaesthetic Services
Renal Dialysis                                                                                               Palliative Care
Pharmacy                                                                                                            Laboratory
Respiratory Therapy                                                                             Social Work
Clinical Nutrition                                                                                         Physiotherapy
Occupational Therapy                                                                         Diagnostic Imaging
Diabetes Education                                                                               Psychiatry

It is important to note that it is situated 87 km (approximately 1 hour) from the Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook, which is the major acute health care site for Western Health.  

Western Health Psychiatry Clinic  
An Outpatient Psychiatrist who also provides consultation to Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital.  

Long Term Care
Bay St. George Long Term Care Centre is a 114 bed facility in Stephenville Crossing that provides nursing, dietitian, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy services to its residents. It also has a senior's adult day program and meals on wheels service. The Emile Benoit House is also located at this site and has 20 apartments in the congregate housing and 38 cottages for senior independent living.

Rural Medical Clinics
In addition to Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital, there are 7 rural medical clinics located throughout BSG:
-  Jeffery's Medical Clinic, Jeffery's (1 Family Physician)
-  Bay St. George Medical Clinic,  Stephenville (3  Family Physicians)
-  DeGrau Medical Clinic, DeGrau (1 Family Physician  shared with Lourdes Clinic; 1 Nurse Practitioner shared with Lourdes Clinic).
-  Lourdes Medical Clinic, Lourdes (1 Family Physician  shared with DeGrau Clinic; 1  Nurse Practitioner  shared with DeGrau Clinic).
-  St. George's Medical Clinic, St. George's (1 Family Physician)
-  Stephenville Community Clinic, Stephenville (3 Family Physicians)
-  Stephenville Crossing Medical Clinic, Stephenville Crossing (2 Family Physicians)

See contact info for Medical Clinics.

Community Based Health Services
-  Mental Health and Addictions (Stephenville)
-  Speech Language Pathology (Stephenville)
-  Audiology (Stephenville)
-  Community Health Nurses: Continuing Care Focus
-  Community Health Nurses: Public Health Focus
-  Community Occupational Therapist
-  Community Supports
-  Primary Health Care
-  Wellness Facilitator