Burgeo/Ramea Area

The Town of Burgeo is located on the Southwest Coast area and is the hub of activity for more isolated communities that are only accessible by ferry or emergency helicopter:   Ramea, Grey River, and Francios. 

The Calder Health Care Centre is located in Burgeo is and provides Primary Health Care Services and Long-Term Care Services to the Communities of Burgeo, Grand Bruit, Grey River, Francois and Ramea for a total population of approximately 2000. The Centre is a 21-bed facility with an allocation of: 18 Long-Term Care beds and 3 Acute Care beds (which includes 1 palliative care bed) and is located 213 km from Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook (approximately 2 ½ hour drive).

Health services available from Western Health in the BSG Area include:  

-  Rural Medical Clinics: In addition to the Calder Health Centre, there are 3 medical clinics with Community Health Nursing and visiting Nurse Practitioner services;   Ramea Medical Clinic, Francois Medical Clinic, Grey River Medical Clinic.

-  Community Based Services: Western Health also offers the following community based services to the population of the Burgeo area:   Mental Health and Addictions, Speech Language Pathology (located in Stephenville), Audiology (located in Stephenville), Community Health Nurses: Continuing Care Focus, Community Health Nurses: Public Health Focus, Community Supports, Primary Health Care Wellness Facilitator (located in Stephenville Crossing but provides service to the area).

The Southwest Coast Primary Health Care Management Team monitors and supports Primary Health Care in the Burgeo area. A multidisciplinary Primary Health Care Team works together to maintain and improve the services and well-being of the residents of the area, adhering to the Principles of Primary Health Care and incorporating these into community partnerships to build capacity in our communities.

The Burgeo Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will work with the Primary Health Care Teams to act as community champions to provide support and assistance in planning, implementing, and evaluating Primary Health Care initiatives. The Committee was established in March 2013 and is made up of members representing education, healthcare, towns, churches, as well as a representative from Western Health.

The Burgeo CAC utilizes a population health approach to address the needs of the population of the area. The goals of the Burgeo CAC are to:
-  Support Western Health staff in improving health status of their area.
-  Identify opportunities for health and well-being initiatives based on identified community strengths and opportunities
-  Participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health and wellness activities.
-  Promote a population health approach to health and wellness activities in their communities

The Burgeo CAC is excited about the opportunities to improve the health of the population in the area and expand its membership. For more information on how to become a member, please click here.