Pap Test Awareness Week

Pap Test Awareness Week is the last week of October each year. The annual campaign to promote Pap testing is an opportunity to encourage all women to have regular screening. Only three out of five women in Newfoundland and Labrador have had a Pap test in the last three years.

This campaign raises awareness on the importance of routine Pap testing and encourages women to know the facts on routine Pap testing:unless their doctor tells them otherwise, they should consider regular Pap testing every three years. This campaign provides education and awareness about the risks of cervical cancer and the benefits of early detection. Community partners such as beauty salons, health clinics, hotels and women’s community groups are helping to encourage women to have regular Pap tests.

From 2012 - 2014, over 80 women in NL were diagnosed with cervical cancer. Pap testing detects precancerous cell changes at an early stage when treatment options are more effective. Approximately one in ten Pap tests will show some changes in their results. When cell changes are found early, there are many treatment options available. Cervical cancer is an almost entirely preventable disease. Women across the province are encouraged to see their regular health care provider to discuss when to have their routine Pap test.

To learn more about cervical cancer screening, contact the Provincial Cervical Screening Initiatives Program toll free at 1-866-643-8719.

The Cervical Screening Guidelines are updated for 2016 and posters will be distributed to physician’s office in the new year.

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