Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a health profession that assists clients with the skills for the job of living. Occupational therapists recognize that changes in your health (due to illness or injury) or other lifestyle changes (e.g. loss of a job, birth of a baby) impact all areas of your life. Such changes mean that you may not be able to perform all your occupations (taking care of yourself, participating in paid or unpaid work, or enjoying your leisure activities) as easily as you did before. An occupational therapist can assist in learning new ways to perform your occupations and allow you to maintain/restore your independence.

Occupational Therapy Services in Western Newfoundland offer a variety of programs throughout the region. There are programs at three main locations including Corner Brook, Stephenville-Stephenville Crossing and Port aux Basques. All programs operate from Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 4:00 or 8:30 – 4:30. We strive to meet the needs of the region as well via visits to areas that do not have full time occupational therapy positions. A summary of programs throughout the region is provided here.

Service Description Contact
Corner Brook
Acute Physical Medicine Serves an inpatient and outpatient population consisting of orthopaedic, medical, surgical and palliative referrals. Terri Walters Krista Lewis 637-5683
Rehabilitation Unit  An 8 bed unit which offers a team approach to intensive rehabilitation for CVA clients, orthopaedic clients, amputees, etc. Sandy Porter 637-5596
Long Term Care  Provides extended care services including seating and positioning assessments to the long term residents of three facilities in Corner Brook, including the Veteran’s Pavilion at the J.I O’Connell Centre. Vivian Doody 637-5683
Outreach to Bonne Bay and Port Saunders Corner Brook occupational therapists travel approximately 2 times per year to these sites to provide Long Term Care admission assessments and consultations.  
Support There are 2.5 support workers and 1 stenographer assisting with the delivery of occupational therapy services in the Corner Brook programs.  
General Inquiries   637-5683
Stephenville/ Stephenville Crossing
Long Term Care  Provides extended care services including seating and positioning to the residents of Bay St. George Senior Citizens’ Home.  Roland Castillo
646-5800 ext 219
Acute Care  Provides acute inpatient and outpatient services to Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital including medical, surgical and orthopaedic consults as well as community visits. Roland Castillo 643-5111 ext 303
Port aux Basques
Long Term Care  Serves 30 long term care residents of Dr. Charles Legrow Health Centre. Amanda Penney 695-4507
Acute Care Provides inpatient and outpatient services to residents of south western Newfoundland including functional assessments, home evaluation, splinting etc for a variety of diagnoses. Amanda Penney 695-4507
Outreach to Burgeo The Port aux Basques occupational therapist travels approximately 2 times per year to Burgeo to provide Long Term Care admission assessments and consultations as well as community services.  

Please note that there are other occupational therapy programs within Western Health that do not fall under the Rehabilitative Services division. These include mental health, community services to the Corner Brook/ Bay of Islands and northern peninsula as well as occupational and ergonomic services for employees. Please browse the website for more complete descriptions of these services.